Submission Guidelines


The program committee welcomes the submission of abstracts for ICPT 2019. Abstracts of original work are requested on the following topics:

  3. Defects, reliability issues and Post CMP cleaning
  4. CMP fundamentals, modeling and simulation
  5. Equipment and metrology
  6. Process control
  7. Emerging technologies in CMP
  8. CMP consumables
  9. 3D Ics/TSV applications
  10. Alternative CMP technologies
  11. CMP for MEMS
  12. Hybrid IC

Submission Guidelines

Abstracts will be scored according to the originality and significance of the work as well as the quality of the information and data included. Please indicate the preference of oral or poster presentation, and the targeted topic area when submitting the abstract. Submit abstracts online, using the template provided. The deadline for submitting abstracts is April 30, 2019 May 31, 2019.
At this stage (before April 30, 2019), authors could choose to submit short abstract or extended abstract; however, at the final stage (after notification of acceptance is given on July 5, 2019), only extended abstract will be accepted. Presentation of accepted papers at the Conference must be in English.


  1. Please be sure to use the template provided here. Short abstract/Extended abstract.
  2. The abstract should be submitted online with PDF format.

Short Abstract Template (MS Word Format)

Extended Abstract Template (MS Word Format)

On-line Submission

Author Notification

All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by peers and the Technical committee reserves the right to accept or reject papers for inclusion in the program. Notices of acceptance of abstract will be sent out to authors by
July 5, 2019.

Final Extended Abstract Submission

Final extended abstract submission, including figures, tables and references (must not exceed 2 printed pages) should be submitted online upon the notice of accepted abstracts. Extended abstracts are due on
July 19, 2019 July 31, 2019.


Dear Author,
please read the following Copyright Agreement carefully before submitting your paper. When transmitting your paper to the ICPT/CMPUGTW you confirm that you took notice of and acknowledge expressly this Copyright Agreement. As author (co-author) you especially assure to dispose of the exclusive copyright in the transmitted paper or poster. The author(s) hereby confirm(s) that they are the sole authors of the contribution, that he/they is/are entitled to grant the following licenses and that he/they has/have so far not transferred any rights which would be in conflict with the licenses under this agreement to third parties. The author(s) hereby transfer(s) to ICPT/CMPUGTW, the following rights to the above referenced contribution:

  1. the right to publish in the conference publication
  2. the right to copy and distribute (publishing right)
  3. the right for electronic publication including the necessary modifications, the storage on electronic media, the download and the making available in an online data base
  4. the right to use the contribution for presentations, for the design of the conference publication and for promotional activities regarding the conference publication and the publishing house.

The moral right of each author remains unaffected (All rights of the author remain unchanged). In case contributions have been submitted by data storage media (e.g. diskette, CD-ROM) the author(s) declare(s) that only licensed software programs which are in conformity with the respective license regulations have been used. This applies to data files which were submitted by file transfer as well. Furthermore he confirms that no performance protection rights of third parties are violated in this area. In the event of infringements, the ICPT/CMPUGTW shall assume no liability whatsoever and are released from all legal claims.
The author(s) will indemnify ICPT/CMPUGTW against all claims raised by third parties owing to the infringement of intellectual property rights by exercising the above referenced licenses. When transmitting the paper or poster the author(s) expressly acknowledge(s) the above conditions.

Copyright Agreement

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